Sunday, April 6, 2008

California is in Play

John McCain was just here, and normally the only time you see presidential candidates in this state is before the primaries have decided the nominees. There's no point in wasting time in a state that's won or lost before the election ever happens. That's been literally true in some traditionally blue states like California, which if you believe Murphy Klasing is full of gay-married illegal immigrants burning American flags. That's fine, because Murphy is over there in Texas sitting on his porch with his three twelve-year-old wives, drinking PBR and shooting at the black U.N. helicopters. (Hey, I kid! I kid! We shouldn't buy into media stereotypes of other Americans. And Mark has a cool blog and I'm still amazed that a Texan learned how to use a computer.)

This is why it was so great to see McCain here in San Francisco, and why it's so great that he keeps reminding us that California (along many others the Democrats assume they have sewn up) is in play.

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Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha! That is funny. "Gay Married Illegal Immigrants"---now that is a segment of society that is often overlooked. The difference in them and other illegal immigrants is this--they aren't coming over here to work in jobs that Americans don't want--they are simply coming for the more accessible fashion clothing.

As for Texas-I only have 1 12 year old wife--this isn't Utah but you are right about the UN helicopters--when they come--I'm gonna "fill 'em full o' lead"