Thursday, April 17, 2008

Next Step: The National Socialist Chinese Workers Party

Teng Biao is one of the brave human rights lawyers who is fighting a lonely battle get Tibetans the same representation in China's "law" system that other citizens of the country have.

The argument has certainly been made that whatever political term describes China, it's no longer "communist" or "socialist". The position of China's government, and the one they program into as many of their citizens as they can, is not to benefit the working class or the world's poor or even other left-leaning governments. It's to benefit China, and the hell with everyone else. Because Chinese culture and people are superior to everyone else, obviously. So consequently, racism against non-Chinese is perfectly acceptable.

Along with the word "nationalist" that keeps popping up as the best description of the Chinese political "philosophy", it's starting to sound suspiciously like fascism. Should anyone be surprised? Even the Soviet Union made an effort to integrate and develop the regions of its ethnic minorities, but China's current
government can't seem to evolve beyond a feudal-minded dynasty.


Squid said...

Waitaminnit -- are you telling me that it's not such a great leap from Socialism to National Socialism?

And here I thought only Neocons could be fascists...

Thomas Paine Jr. said...

As it turns out, people may not like neocons, but fascists they're not.