Monday, April 21, 2008

"Re-Education" in Tibet...Surprise, Surprise

I love watching China's blindness to the inconsistency of its own propaganda. On one hand, China consistently maintains the message that the Dalai Lama (and indeed the whole of the Tibetan government in exile) are irrelevant. Yet, the Communist Party is starting "education" drives in Lhasa. Considering how badly the Chinese government is scrambling in the Western provinces, it's almost like they DON'T consider Tibetan leaders irrelevant at all! Plus whenever I hear "Communist Party" and "education" in the same sentence, I think of the three R's - baRbed wiRe and pRison camps.

But what's encouraging is that, since the central party feels they have to do this, it shows that people in the Chinese Communist Party have woken up to the fact that maybe the current policies are not the way to a China that's better for everybody. IF IT'S BAD FOR THE CURRENT CHINESE GOVERNMENT, IT'S GOOD FOR EVERYONE ELSE.

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