Thursday, April 17, 2008

Schwarzenegger is Wrong on This One

Schwarzenegger has been a good governor, and his hand is forced right now by major state budget shortfalls. But saving less than 0.1% by closing a fifth of our parks isn't a good move. His positions on the state's parks have even put him in conflict with other Republicans, like Clint Eastwood, whose tenure as a state parks commissioner was recently "not renewed" (political translation: he was canned).

If you live in Cali and you want to keep the parks open (for $9 million - which is very close to zero in terms of CA's budget) then please sign this petition and forward it to friends.


Squid said...

I deal with local governments every day. When a budget crunch comes along, the first things to get cut are the most visible, most popular, most valued services the entity offers. Usually, it's parks & rec and police patrols.

The idea is that you shock and horrify just enough voters just enough to get them to consent to a tax increase, so that you never have to cut any services at all.

Heaven forbid you cancel some do-nothing program that nobody knows about, which does nothing except guarantee a government pension to some Council member's brother-in-law...

Thomas Paine Jr. said...

But is it really ever that deliberate? Seriously. I used to think of such Machiavellian scenarios - for example, I used to think, "Hmmm. Congress often gives an inexplicably free pass to China RE human rights, which leads
But I know what they're REALLY doing - a democratic, capitalistic China would quickly develop and become Japan x 5, so really they're ENCOURAGING the communist government to remain in power to deliberately keep China weak." But no, in actuality, these Congresspeople either a) just don't have a clue or b) have constituents with business interests that trump national security, democracy, and human rights concerns.

While I don't underestimate the self-interestedness of [oliticians, I think I was strongly overestimating their ability to execute anything and get their s*** together.