Monday, April 14, 2008

The Most Important Task for the World Today

"Look: there is probably no more important task for the world today than to think how we can help the Chinese get themselves a rational system of government. Everyone who cares about the future of the human race should be racking his brains to come up with something we can do."

This excerpt comes from a fantastic John Derbyshire piece that appeared in the National Review in June 2001. So clearly does it summarize what I'm trying to do with this blog that I should set it as a scrolling marquee. The article was written even before the location had been chosen for the 2008 Olympics, when many people in the free world were protesting China's bid. The article is even more relevant in April 2008. I'm quite happy that Beijing's obsession with getting the Olympics has paid off, because the events of the past few weeks have brought to light the uncivilized behavior of the Chinese regime. The Olympic run-up has also made it much more difficult for them to maintain their superpowership in stealth mode under the guise of perpetual post-colonial-Third World victim.

I should also add that it's very important in the post-Soviet world to get Americans to recognize a threat to democracy that's not led by Osama bin Laden. My focus on the New Cold War may strike some as "retro" (hopefully not self-described conservatives). Sorry to offend any fashion tastes, but global power struggles don't recognize fads. Derbyshire's article was written in June 2001. Two months before that the People's Liberation Army forced an American military plane to crash on Hainan Island. Of course, something else happened that September that may have diverted our attention in the interim. Sure, bin Laden's out there, but he doesn't lead a country of a billion with nuclear weapons and a surging economy. Al Qaeda is a dangerous nuisance. The current government of China is an enormous, long-term threat, and they're quite happy to let America continue to be distracted by Al Qaeda.

Even if you don't click through to Derbyshire's article, give a thought to his general plan to help the Chinese people get a rational system of government: shame the Chinese government, expose their lies, recognize Taiwan, and recognize
the Tibet and Xinjiang exile governments. To paraphrase Derbyshire: IF IT'S BAD FOR THE CHINESE GOVERNMENT, IT'S GOOD FOR EVERYONE ELSE.

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