Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Xinjiang Unrest

Tibet is not the only place where Chinese oppression is causing problems. The Orwellian nightmares North Korea and Myanmar exist only because the Chinese prop them up, and North Korea has weapons of mass destruction. Maoists have made inroads in the Nepalese government. Taiwan constantly fears for its independence. And now the West is finally getting reports of demonstrations in Xinjiang.

Here and elsewhere we see the Uighur protesters described as Muslim separatists, but I suspect that's partly because these last few weeks the Chinese government has taken a crash course in what plays well with democratic governments. They've learned that right now in history, sectarian Muslims make Westerners queasy (rightly so). The only thing that's certain is that these people are so disenfranchised and angry with the Chinese attempt to erase their culture that they're willing to show their faces to the Chinese government in protest. And remember - IF IT'S BAD FOR THE CHINESE GOVERNMENT, IT'S GOOD FOR EVERYONE ELSE.

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