Monday, April 7, 2008

Wake Up GOP and Libertarians: The Bad Guys Are Coming

Even the Greens in France are busy calling down bad publicity on China by calling it "the world's biggest prison". But what I like even better is the ham-handed party line (literally) we get from Chinese officials: "The act of defiance from this small group of people is not popular," said Sun Weide, a spokesman for the Beijing Olympic organizing committee. "It will definitely be criticized by people who love peace and adore the Olympic spirit. Their attempt is doomed to failure." You got us there old Sunny-Wadey. There are only huge crowds composed of diverse movements and people coming out in every country the torch goes to. No, it's not popular at all. IF IT'S BAD FOR THE CHINESE GOVERNMENT, IT'S GOOD FOR EVERYONE ELSE, ESPECIALLY SEMICOMPETENT PROPAGANDISTS LIKE OLD SUNNY-SUN-SUN.

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