Thursday, April 10, 2008

Obama Has to Worry When His Patriotism is Called Into Question By...

...Howard Stern? This monologue by Mr. Stern shows that even the King of All Media can't stomach the hypocrisy surrounding Obama's defense of his association with that Wright maniac. I expect a leader to be receptive to criticisms of his or her jurisdiction, be it a city or a country; otherwise, nothing would get fixed. But Wright's harangue is what you would expect from an angst-filled seventeen-year-old with no sense that negativity alone helps no one. And Obama sits there and listens to this demogogue.

Comically enough, I overheard an interview on National Public Radio's Fresh Air where someone tried to defend the minister by clarifying the emphasis on the words "God damn". Honestly. (I wish I could find this clip for you - if anyone at least knows the speaker, please email me). If that's the best his people can do maybe we'll have an easier ride than I thought we would.

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