Thursday, April 10, 2008

Is Carly Fiorina On McCain's VP Short List?

Her position within the McCain campaign has led more than a few to speculate she's on the list. She would definitely be one of the people on the "pro" side (see my previous entry on potential McCain VPs).

The point is, what will win or lose the general election for McCain is whether he can bring the middle of the country back to the GOP; if he can make the purple states a little redder. The reasons are simple. The Religious Right has nowhere else to go. They're either going to vote Republican, or vote for some third party Christian fascist type who won't get 10%. On the other hand, the center has plenty of places to go. Like to Obama. And the Middle is majority women, because the right is majority men.

So, GOP - please, for the love of God, irony intended - pick a centrist VP candidate, like Carly Fiorina. An evangelical won't do anything but lose the center to Obama.

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